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New! Nuevo

2004 - 2014

- Diez años haciendo canciones -


Presentando temas propios y covers en espaņol

Bruce Edwards (guitar) Trio

 Entre las diferentes influencias presentes sobre el escenario se destacan un perfil latino, moderrno y urbano en un estilo que va desde el blues, el soul y las baladas románticas hasta el pop, el funk y el  rock alternativo, en una voz expresiva con algunos giros suaves y dramáticos en sus melodías. Su repertorio es en español, pero también tiene covers muy personales en inglés. Temas como "Somebody", de Depeche Mode, o "Eleanor Rigby" de The Beatles adquieren una nueva dimensión. Otros temas de su repertorio de origen anglo han sido traducidos al español por Acacia misma.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Acacia has developed a personal eclectic style that ranges from sweet and tender to dramatic and energetic melodies. Many years she did not pay attention to her writing/composing abilities, but during the last three years she has yielded a number of songs that exceeds the possibilities of her shows. Being from Buenos Aires, she sings in Spanish but she also presents some songs in English and some interesting covers (Depeche Mode's 'Somebody'). Her style does not correspond to the usual latin rythms but encompass, instead, a soul style, mixed with blues and alternative soft rock. Her music and lyrics are not only addressed to Spanish speaking people as her style and voice appeal to all audiences. Acacia has performed on several occasions in the City of New York, and is presently showing her songs in Buenos Aires. In 2009 Acacia included some revelant jazz standards and ballads like 'Solitude', 'Summertime', 'Wild is the Wind', 'Just Like a Woman', 'Superwoman', 'Georgia on my mind', "Blue Valentines" and "I love you Porgy", and a Spanish version of 'What I did for love" (from "A Chorus Line"). In november 2009, during a visit to New York, Acacia was invited by some friends, that are frequent performers of Cuban music in the Manhattan night clubs, to sing some Cuban 'boleros'.




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